A Hairstyle For Each BESWOON 2016 Theme!

Southwest Bohemian: We all know the free-spirited vibe that goes along with this theme, so a hairstyle for this bride is ever-so-simple. We love beachy waves, fishtail braids and all kinds of flora woven in for a laid back and romantic look.

maine wedding show

Images: Camille Marciano for Juno Photo & Liz Anne Photography

Winter Wedding: The Winter bride may be a bit more formal than her Southwest Bohemian friends, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with her locks. Sparkly tiaras, intricate updos and stunning veils are all reminiscent of a winter wedding.

maine wedding show

Images: Erich McVeyCorbin Gurkin, La Candella Weddings

Indian Fusion: The ever festive nature of an Indian wedding calls for all of the bells and whistles..sometimes literally. Whether the bride rocks a tiara, a veil, flowers or all of the above, she is always the center of attention.

maine wedding show

Images: Le Cape & Cassandra Farley Photography

BESWOON and Day’s Jewelers Wedding Band Contest

BESWOON_InstagramContest-01Right about now in your wedding planning is the perfect time to start thinking about your wedding bands! While you may very well fall in love with one in the store (there are soooo many gorgeous ones at Day’s to choose from!), some custom creations and even getting a ring in your size can take a few months. This is definitely not a task to leave for the last minute.

With the importance of wedding bands in mind, BESWOON has paired up with Day’s Jewelers for the second year in a row to give one lucky couple $500 towards the wedding bands of your dreams! To enter, all you have to do is follow @beswoon and @daysjewelers on Instagram, post a picture of your engagement bling (whether or not it came from Day’s!), and tag your post with #WITHTHISBESWOON. The lucky winners will be announced at #BESWOON16 in March. See our website for official rules and more details.