5 Tips – Writing Your Own Wedding Ceremony

November 30th, 2016 by BESWOON

TIP 1. SEARCH ONLINE FOR INSPIRATION & GATHER MATERIALS: Read a variety of wedding ceremonies and see what catches your eye! Pinterest is a great place to start and you can create a custom (and even private) ceremony board.

TIP 2. PRINT OUT EVERYTHING YOU SAVED: Spend a morning with your partner and sift through all of the inspiration gathered. Take messy notes, change words, highlight and talk about the parts you each love. This may seem overwhelming and slightly chaotic, but trust the process and have fun with it.

TIP 3. LENGTH & TONE: Now that you both have reviewed your ceremony inspiration – what type of material are you and your partner drawn to? Long winded paragraphs? Witty jargon or romantic language? Make sure to talk about the ideal length and tone of your ceremony.15282094_10103475952689799_731204248_n

TIP 4. PICK A READING: After deciding the length and tone of your ceremony this is the perfect time to pick a reading. Not sure what to pick? Choose a quote or a poem that embodies your relationship or ask a close family member to choose a few options.

TIP 5. ORGANIZE, OUTLINE, & WRITE: Now you are ready to organize, outline and write! Do not be scared – you are ready! Feel free to be creative with the progression of your ceremony, but here is a general outline: Introduction, Personal Introduction, Foundation of Marriage, Reading, Vows, Hand Blessing, Exchange of Rings, Closing Words/The Kiss and Announcement. Happy writing! XO

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