A Hairstyle For Each BESWOON 2016 Theme!

March 8th, 2016 by BESWOON

Southwest Bohemian: We all know the free-spirited vibe that goes along with this theme, so a hairstyle for this bride is ever-so-simple. We love beachy waves, fishtail braids and all kinds of flora woven in for a laid back and romantic look.

maine wedding show

Images: Camille Marciano for Juno Photo & Liz Anne Photography

Winter Wedding: The Winter bride may be a bit more formal than her Southwest Bohemian friends, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with her locks. Sparkly tiaras, intricate updos and stunning veils are all reminiscent of a winter wedding.

maine wedding show

Images: Erich McVeyCorbin Gurkin, La Candella Weddings

Indian Fusion: The ever festive nature of an Indian wedding calls for all of the bells and whistles..sometimes literally. Whether the bride rocks a tiara, a veil, flowers or all of the above, she is always the center of attention.

maine wedding show

Images: Le Cape & Cassandra Farley Photography

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