Vendor Love: A Love Supreme Photography

April 7th, 2014 by BESWOON

Meet Erin Little, owner and photographer at “a love supreme photography” and photographer for our BESWOON Fashion Show!

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From Erin: “I started photographing professionally seven years ago, but have been documenting daily life through my lens since I was three years old. When my daughter was just one year old, I was asked to photograph my first wedding. Having only photographed families and children, as well as products, this was a very different and unique experience for me. I fell in love with the candidness of weddings, and the opportunity to shoot in a style that was different from what I had ever seen before. I took full advantage of the 8-10 hours, and developed a creative, emotional, and artistic style to represent these amazing moments in people’s lives. From the very first wedding, to the most recent almost seven years later, I have maintained a commitment to being unique, observing the event as if I were a family member there as a guest so as to capture everything in a very intimate way, and a vow to never stop thinking outside of the box. I want my clients to receive these photographic memories and be able to re-experience their wedding all over again. I want them to have images that are creative and artistic and represent their unique love, so they can print out a 30×40 image and proudly display it on their living room wall.

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I would say I’m known as one of the more “creative” photographers, but I have a very traditional approach as well. It is a balance, for sure. My clients receive artistic images, but also traditional shots on the necessary wedding list such as details, family portraits, and all the major events that happen (toasts, cake cutting, etc.) By utilizing any and all natural light, I am able to interact with my subjects accordingly to create shots that are natural and authentic. There is little direction from me as the photographer unless I absolutely need something to happen, and I am more of a “fly on the wall.” Many couples don’t even notice I am around for 10 hours, and are amazed by the hundreds and hundreds of photos I hand them that capture so many genuine, special, and intimate parts of their day. I am incredibly observant and notice things that others may not. That is all part of my job, and how I am able to capture what I do.

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As a participant of Beswoon, I was in charge of the fashion show and more “studio” shots for the jeweler (Springers) and the salon that provided the models with beautiful hair and makeup (Bei Capelli). As a photographer who has worked with natural light 90% of the time for weddings, I am also skilled in studio lighting. I have a home studio where I often work with models as well as personal projects, which is an avenue I hope to pursue more and more in the future. I was able to set up a mini studio at Beswoon and pulled the models in one by one to get more professional portfolio type shots. Then we were able to also utilize some natural light in the cocktail space to photograph the jewelry. It was a nice combination, showing my skills in both situations

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