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March 2nd, 2015 by BESWOON

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Helping us capture memorable conversations in the Marsala Cocktail Lounge was Speech Booth, a brand new wedding company in Maine! You most likely saw them at the event, but we wanted to dig in further with this awesome concept. So, what is Speech Booth, you ask? It is a video kit which allows wedding guests to record messages for the couple throughout their special evening!

After attending almost 10 weddings last year, and realizing that there was no great way for anyone to leave a lasting message for the couple, my co-founder and I decided to develop something. What everyone (who was getting married) kept telling us was they were so frantic during their reception making sure they said hello to everyone that they couldn’t really remember any of their conversations. SpeechBooth we think solves this.

The Speech Booth unit is very light (under 10lbs), can be set up by anyone in just a few minutes, and ships to any location in the U.S. Because the preloaded software is very straightforward for the user, it does not require an attendant and blends easily into any wedding atmosphere.

The kit is shipped directly to the couple arriving 2-3 days before their event. Wedding guests can go up to the SpeechBooth throughout the night and record their messages. At the end of the event the kit gets collapsed back into its box and the return shipping label gets stuck on the outside. Within a week of receiving the kit back to our facility we send a password-protected link to the couple which contains a compilation video of all their speeches, as well as the raw footage of each guest, so they can pick and choose to re-watch individual ones. The SpeechBooth rents for $499 which includes the edited videos.

As a special treat for BESWOON guests, Speech Booth will be offering free shipping for any orders placed before March 9th!

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